Never Forget a Name Again

These words ran through my mind, body and soul for two days after I gave Stephanie a five-dollar bill from my wallet; a similar five-dollar bill that I had been giving her every Friday for over one year. My five-dollars will buy Stephanie a hot cup of coffee and a pack of cigarettes that quiets her nerves (she must smoke at least three packs a day.)

It may seem counter intuitive, but the key to making a marriage work, is to achieve a happiness which is independent of any other person including your partner. Most people think that the best way to improve their marriage is to focus more on their partner, but that's not necessarily true. Focusing on your own happiness may actually serve your marriage more. By making your own life more satisfying, you take pressure off your relationship to be your sole source of happiness. Feeling good about yourself and learning to focus positively on your partner is what will allow love to thrive and endure in a marriage. By taking care of what you need to in your own life, you will replenish yourself so you will bring a more positive attitude back into the relationship. You will also then have the energy to put into a relationship. When you, yourself are happy and healthy, it spills over onto all the people around you and the first to receive the benefit of this “spill over” effect will be your spouse.

3.The dog acts weird. There’s been some nights where my home has been Grand Central Station with ghost visits. Emma Lou seems to flow with whatever is occurring, but Sarah, my little sensitive, will pace the hallways, agitated.

And if emotion can radiate outside of our bodies and be detected by others, how far does it go and is there a way to detect it? Roger Nelson of the Global Consciousness Project (GCP) has been collecting data that shows us that emotions can, in fact, be detected over vast distances. Emotions and thoughts are patterns of electrical activity in our brains. Even knowing this, scientists were surprised when time after time it was found that random number generators were affected when the people observing them focused on them. Random number generators are just that – machines that generate totally random numbers, continuously. They were designed so that no outside force could influence them, however enough evidence exists today that shows that:

For the sauce, mix up the hot sauce or Tabasco together with melted butter and mix it thoroughly. When the chicken are ready, cover it with the sauce you have just prepared above, and serve as quickly as possible.

Chances are you are reading this article because you experience some type of psychic awareness that created curiosity and a desire to learn more about the nature of being psychic. You may not call what you are experiencing “being psychic” just yet, but I believe you will at least walk away after reading this book with a healthy curiosity. One that I hope will guide you to seek out more answers. Regardless of where you are on the spectrum of believing in an afterlife, entertaining the prospect of connecting to the vibrational energies around you and of the spirit world will open doors to new possibilities.